Six London Preludes, double page spread.

Product Description

Six London Preludes

Images by Debbie Loftus

Words by Paul Williamson


Festival O/Modernt, Cambridge & Stockholm

1 December 2017, £60

Paperback 250 x 176mm / 342 pages + 13 inserts

175 numbered copies with 175 individual covers

ISBN 9780992891251


Six London Preludes contains 317 photos and six short narratives created in response to the contemporary London scene. Words and pictures tell the same stories in different ways, mixing genres, tones of voice, viewpoints and frames of reference. The design showcases and complements the content by including a range of Fedrigoni papers and page sizes, and using assertive typography to achieve a provocative urban feel characterised by edgy glamour. The result is a graphic novel that’s also an artist’s sketchbook, a luxury brochure and an unorthodox city guide.


Combining street art with classical motifs, the subject matter and design of Six London Preludes reflects the ‘Un/Modern’ ethos of its publisher (Festival O/Modernt, Cambridge & Stockholm). The eclectic contents are designed in a contradictory fusion of styles, with short inserts at the beginning and end of each chapter adding tangible variety. The debossed gold foil cover titles enhance the luxury feel, and the book is section-sewn and Otabound. Exploiting digital technology, the exclusive first edition of 175 is numbered and each copy has a unique cover image.


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