Galileo 24

Product Description

Galileo 24. 


Galileo 24 is a series of twenty-four images based on ideas about infinity originating with Galileo. It is a topic that, over many centuries, has taxed the minds of our greatest philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, theologians, artists and poets. Galileo 24 visually addresses the question of whether infinity is one or many, and how can we possibly measure it. Based on traditional geometry and the principles that underlie Galileo’s mathematical diagrams, Galileo 24 places the abstract idea of infinity into a human context in order to discover aesthetic values and make new works of art.

320 x 235 mm, 38 pages, 26 illustrations. Designed by Dmitriy Myelnikov. Paper by Fedrigoni. Published by O/Modernt, Cambridge and Stockholm, June 2017. ISBN: 9780992891268. Available from Green and Stone, London.