Product Description

The concept of infinity has, for many centuries, taxed the minds of our greatest philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, theologians, artists and poets. In Galileo 24, Loftus places the abstract idea of Galileo's Paradox of Infinity in a human context. Based on the traditional geometry of Galileo's mathematical diagrams, Loftus creates meditative, impassioned works that stress the materiality of the picture surface and the progression from line to colour, placing the images within the ambit of works by Richard Serra and Mark Rothko.



Mixed media on canvas.

77 x 77cm.

Published as the book Galileo 24 in spring 2017, with a preface by Professor Ian Stewart and an introductory essay, 'Infinities', by Paul Williamson.

Exhibited at:

Green and Stone, London, June 2017.

King's College, Cambridge, April - May 2018.