The Art of Borrowing

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Nothing comes from nothing.
For most of its long history western art has been governed by that precept. Visual artists, writers and composers have gladly taken inspiration from their predecessors. The interest paid on artistic borrowings is new art – pre-existing forms refashioned to suit the ethos of a new age. In the seventeenth century a noisy debate erupted about the relative excellence of classical models compared to the newfangled discoveries of the wilful moderns. Then came the Romantics, worshipping at the shrine of original genius. In the twentieth century things turned full circle, with artists borrowing from the classics but also creatively reimagining the products of popular culture. Containing chapters devoted to the history of art, poetry, painting, photography, philosophy, theology and music, The Art of Borrowingtakes a multifarious look at how, when the imagination reigns supreme, one thing leads to another.


The Spider and the Bee Paul Williamson
Eduardo Paolozzi and the Borrowing of Art Teresa Monachino
Hogarth’s Borrowings Robin Simon
A Venetian Ode to BorrowingEdward Baker
Airs Catherine Pickstock
It’s Still There: Döblin’s Alexanderplatz Lorenz Kienzle
Harvest Debbie Loftus
Borrowing Sex: Speaking of Divine Love Alessandro Scafi
Borrowed Gods Simone Kotva
Organic Wholes: Ralph Vaughan Williams and G.E. Moore Paul Williamson
Borrowing from Silence: Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel Hugo Ticciati


The Art of Borrowing
Edited by Paul Williamson
Published by Festival O/Modernt, Cambridge & Stockholm 2016. Paperback with flaps, 190 x 265 mm, 160 pages, 73 illustrations. Designed by Teresa Monachino. Paper by Fedrigoni.
ISBN 978-0-9928912-3-7

Available from Thomas Heneage in London.